Monday, May 25, 2015

Ray McDonald arrested and released by the Bears!

Lemme tell ya sumpin!

        Again with the Violence by an Athlete. This time a NFL Pro Football Player, The Chicago Bears Defensive Lineman Ray McDonald. McDonald was arrested  for physically assaulted the female victim while she was holding a baby.
Ray McDonald
     McDonald has a bad history. The 30-year-old player was arrested last year on domestic violence charges following a violent altercation with his out of wedlock, impregnated baby momma / supposed fiancee at a raucous drunken party.
        The 49ers being the class program they are, retained McDonald, despite his propensity for violence against women. Allowing him to remain on the Team and continue to play during the investigation. That case was later dropped.Next McDonald was named as a suspect in a prior investigation for sexual assault. This was the last straw for the 49ers who then released him. However, he's not been charged with or cleared of the December sexual assault allegations.There have been charges and counter charges by the parties involved in that case.       
       On Monday, the Chicago Bears announced the release of Ray McDonald, whom the team had signed as a free agent back in March. McDonald was signed by the Bears as a free agent because his former team, the 49ers, cut him loose last December after he was accused of domestic violence and sexual assault in separate incidents.
      The Bears bent over backwards in explaining what a great guy this violent man was when they signed him.One thing we know for sure is that the 49ers and the Bears neither give a damn about women, and only took action to rid themselves of this guy when they had to. When o' when will the NFL clean itself up.  

Monday, January 20, 2014

OSU has earned the moniker "Overated State University".

Lemme tell ya sumpin!

        When in the hell are they ever gonna play somebody? Huh, Huh? You heard me OSU fans. How do you ever expect to get any respect when you don't play the competitive schedule that the top teams of the top conference (SEC) in America plays. Lets see who your pathetic schedule says you play this year:

       08/30/14     Navy           
     09/06/14     Virginia Tech         
     09/13/14     Kent State
     09/27/14     Cincinnati
     10/04/14     Maryland
     10/18/14     Rutgers
     10/25/14     Penn State
     10/01/14     Illinois 
     11/08/14     Michigan State
     11/15/14      Minnesota
     11/22 14      Indiana
     11/29/14     Missagin

        I had to put it in pink because that's just how pussy this schedule really is. Again this year OSU refuses to play a real schedule. All the little Bucknuts will chant we're number 1, we're number 1, and then they will play somebody, and get their ass handed to them....  and the whole world will laugh.
        Of course the positive side is you will be well rested having nothing much but scrimmages with high school teams for most of the season. You'll have to take the jeers from the fans of real football teams though. They will be loud and long and you will suffer miserably as you justly will deserve to. 

                                                             and the loser gets pizza!

Richard Sherman showed how he was raised.

Lemme tell ya sumpin!

        Wrong,, he was either raised wrong, or he just went astray. His behavior is outrageous. Idiotic, ghetto, trashy, stupid, dumb. Yep those words describe him and his fans. He came from trash in Compton, Ca,.one of the worst places on earth, courtesy of the people who live there. He certainly represents the people of the compton ghetto very well. Uneducated, screams, and berates people just like an ape would in the jungle. Just pure unadulterated animal. These types are always violent in the home also. So it will be no surprise when he is arrested for wife beating.
        His own Daddy was a gang banger and had to have a few bullets pumped into him. Soon enough Sherman will get his own. 
         Yep Compton is the only place he fits in. He's right at home in the ghetto with other thugs and his ho's- or prison with his thugs and Ho's in there. He'll be there soon enough. His kind always is. His ghetto behavior will get him there. And we'll all laugh when it does. His kind will never fit into society.

And heres another on!

Dang, heres another one...
Talkin shit and got punched in the mouth.. he deserved it...... he will deserve everything bad that happens to him. He is garbage as human being.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Can there be a dirtier sports program than Kentucky basketball?

Lemme tell ya sumpin!
 Farmer before we found out the truth!

        Even years after they leave the program we see the lack of integrity stains of the wildcat program on it's players. On Tuesday Kentucky Basketball superstar Richie Farmer was sentenced to 27 months in federal prison. The Judge was a Kentucky fan and he was let off easy. He was corrupt as Rupp was though, and that's to the core. He is truly representative of the University of Kentucky and their win at all costs fans. Farmer was found guilty of hiring his friends, several who drawed a paycheck for minimal work, and some who did no work at all.
        Just another entitled athlete who thought he was above the law. A total lack of morals. He was greedy and egotistical. He did not even want to pay for his own children. As after his divorce from his wife,  he took her to court to get the child support payments reduced. A women having to raise 3 children on a teacher's aide salary. Although we can't feel sorry for her, or them, as they were the recepients of Daddy's illegal generosity of gifts.   
        Farmer, the great shooting guard of the 1991/2 teams will forever be joined in the long line of corrupt individuals associated with Big Blue Basketball. The crook will report to prison on March 18. He will be incarcerated at the Manchester Federal Correctional Institution. The Judge assigned this prison to him as it is in his hometown - how convenient - maybe we should take a long look at this judge also, who knows, it is Kentucky after all. I think the chow will be a step down from what he used to. He also will have to pay $120,500 in restitution to the state.
        No one feels sorry for you Richie, we all wish you'd have got a lot more time for breaking the public trust. I guess the coach sets the example for the players. How many times has Calipari...... and Kentucky loves him.... 

                                                                Richie Farmer The Convict!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

National Signing Day!

Lemme tell ya sumpin!
He was BFF to his recruits right up until he abandoned them.
       The hobby of following college Football recruiting has worn off. Now it's a well known gig. Most fans know their recruiting numbers and how it correlates or doesn't correlate to their teams future.That's the funny thing, some teams, most teams, can point to their success or lack of it due directly to recruiting. A few teams rise above it, and rise above it consistently.
Now whats going on at Washington? First the Defensive coordinator Justin Wilcox left Tennessee to go there and stand in the rain, and now one of the top recruiters in the nation for this year assistant Tosh Lupoi left Cal also to go stand in the rain. I can understand Wilcox getting out of town, the SEC is tough. You do know they had 2 teams in the National Championship don't you? Not everybody is cut out for the nonstop fanaticism of the big leagues. Wilcox wasn't. He'll be a big fish in a little pond up there in Washington but was just a perch in the real big leagues. Now Tosh is a different model, he had it made, great location, easy conference... cushy job, wasn't really expected to compete for championships or anything so why leave... he took a step down, and he took 5 star Ellis McCarthy with him. Poor Ellis being drug around by the hand, LOL, what a chump. Tosh gets a lot of Money and Ellis well, Ellis gets to stand around in the rain, the chicks aren't nearly as good either Ellis. Tosh - he also gets the title of Defensive running game coordinator, a made up title of course, his job is recruiting. He sure hung his Cal recruits out to dry. Bet he was BFF- Best Friends Forever with all those guys during recruiting. Kinda tells everyone not to trust Tosh now doesn't it? That's how I read it.
Did Gunner lie to LSU?
          Gunner Kiel I've been told is all set at Notre Dame. Say what I thought he told his parents that the Bayou was home. I guess his word as a man is no good. I guess he wants to stay home and play for the loser. SayWhhhhat!           

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Lemme tell ya sumpin!
Quarterback Drew Brees Was Doing This a Lot!
                            627 Yards of Offense     

           Drew Brees was on fire 466 yards and three touchdowns. The New Orleans Saints took it to'em. Boy they played like they was in the SEC or something. Brees was 33 of 43 in passing, while setting a record for the most passing yards in a regulation play off game.  In addition he had 3 passes of over 40 yards.
          Matthew Stafford had a good game and threw for over 380 yards and 3 scores. TRWCZATZNXJM
Detroit has now lost seven straight playoff games. They had a fine season tho with Stafford at the helm. The  game after the first half was an embarrassment for Detroit.

and in other news Aaron Berry tweeted 

"Y'all can go back to being Broke and Miserable back to regular scheduled programming" 

to his so called fans, back in the ghetto of Detroit. It was an uproar of sort, but whats the matter with telling the truth. Detroit is a broke and miserable city. If you don't like it Detroit, then do something about it. 

New Penn State Coach!

Lemme tell ya sumpin!
          What makes an otherwise normal man jump in a frying pan. I wouldn't go to Penn State and I wouldn't let my children go. The name is Bill O'Brien, the resume is totally pedestrian.  The bright spot is he had one of the best jobs in all of football. Offensive coordinater at New England. He could learn from the master. It wasn't an SEC job but it was the NFL and that's close. Still had a decent  quarterback for a couple more years. "I'm going to surround myself with good people" said the new coach at his introduction media event. Ha, ha, sorry while I laugh, but that's what Joe (The Enabler) Paterno thought, didn't he. Ha, ha, I did it again.
          The NCAA is investigating and that's almost never good. Of course it could be like OSU and recieve basically nothing for running a horrible, incorrigible, lying, cheating, thieving program. One of the most corrupt in all of college football. if that slow footed version they play there can be called football.
          Before he was known as the guy who argued with Brady on the sideline. Now he's the guy that coaches at the pedophile school. I wouldn't want to carry that burden. People aren't even gonna want to shake hands with anyone from that side of town. Good lord, it's like having to touch somebody from Califronia, or shake hands with Obama. You can imagine it will be tough in recruiting.  Probably not a lot of child molesters that actually play football. Hell even if he has a good season he'll stomped on by the SEC. Yep, made a big move downward. He's starting out in a deep, deep, hole. I never do understand why a otherwise normal man will just jump in the frying pan like that.      

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Coaches Not Coaching!

Lemme tell ya sumpin!
Fisher interviewing with the Dolphins!
          Theres some, so called coaches, not coaching, who are with teams this year as evidenced by the Indianapolis Colts record. But those are not the coaches we're talking about. We're talking about the ones who are not getting paid by a team. Theres two that come to mind, Jeff Fisher who is an excellent coach and still has the fire. Then theres Bill Cower who was an excellent coach, and may still have the fire. That's pretty much the pick of the litter, because Jimmy Johnson of the Dallas Cowboys fame ain't coming back, it seems. Even tho Dallas needs a coach in the worst way. The pick of the litter job is the Colts. But Fisher is interviewing in Miami. Cower isn't interviewing anywhere. It's so bad San Diego retained the services of Norv Turner. You just know the fans are happy about that. With the NFL being reluctant to spend any money on coaching hires this season, you wonder how many empty seats there will be if this recession drags on. What about if the American people renew Obama's contract, four more losing years.  

and the rams called on Dick Vermeil and Marshall Faulk to help them pick a coach... say whaa

Saturday, December 31, 2011

King of The Hill, In Kentucky!

Lemme tell ya sumpin!
12 - 1 that's the record that both The Blue Bloods, and the Red Birds are sporting coming into this epic game. In both polls they are ranked 3 and 4 with the Blue driving the #3 car. It's the good decent people versus the cheatingest program in college basketball history.  People like John Calipari, who never left a program that didn't go on probation. And Rick Pitino, he left Kentucky for greener pastures and came back to stick a knife in their side. On paper it looks almost even. It's not just the biggest match up of the state it's the biggest match up of the year so far. I always root for the good guys. Easy to figure out who that is. Now if they can just beat Kentucky.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Top HS Quarterback to LSU!

Lemme tell ya sumpin!
          Makes sense doesn't it. The biggest name for a quarterback goes to one of the biggest football schools. If you are a top recruit and you want to play the best, you go to the SEC. No other conference is close. Since 1900 there never has been. For sure back in the olden days when the only national press around, came out of Nue Yawk, there was still a hatred by Yankees for everything southern, reconstruction was not that far gone. So all the northern teams got all the press, and most of the championships. The power shift was given a big jolt when CNN opened in Atlanta, and from that time onward the news was no longer dominated by Nue Yawk. ESPN got to promote Charles Woodson for the Heisman trophy though, a very good corner back on a very good team over one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever drop back, the great Peyton Manning, but because of that no one takes ESPN seriously anymore. With the comedy antics of their announcers like Lee Corso, Kirk Hebstreit, and all the rest, ESPN is more of a Comedy / Variety show than about sports. Think the sports version of the Globe LOL. People get more news and updates from the Net and Twitter than anywhere else.
          He pledged to Indiana, his home state then renigged on his word. He then announced his final 2 were Notre Dame, and Vanderbilt, he was going to get a real education, at Vanderbilt at least. Next thing we hear he's going to LSU. He must not have been into chunky women. Has he talked to Nick Saban yet, or Mark Richt at Georgia, Derek Dooley at Tennessee, the Gators, Arkansas? Don't go so fast Gunner, you still got time.    
          Gunner Kiel has stepped in it, he has the chance to stamp his name on a College Football Championship. When you play at one of the better schools in the SEC you have that chance. He didn't play the top talent in high school, but he did throw for 2,517 yards, for 28 Touchdowns with only 4 interceptions. We'll see if he can perform on the biggest stage in college football. We're watching Gunner.
          Has anybody told this kid how hot and humid it is in August in Louisiana? Go Gunner! Go Tigers!                    

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Players Stand with Paterno!

Lemme tell ya sumpin!

          That fine with me, I'll take my stand with the children. The letter titled "The Penn State Football Family" stated we stand in support of Joe and Penn State. They also state that they support the victims of Joe Paterno's good friend, Jerry Sandusky. Sorry, it's not that easy. You don't support the perpetrator and the victim. In America we have laws against things like harboring a wanted person, knowing about a crime and not coming forward, receiving stolen property...  These come under the heading "accessory". I am obviously not a lawyer. But I say Joe Paterno knew exactly what was going on with Jerry Sandusky. For these 382 former players to be blinded by loyalty to a pedophile enabler is sick. They say they understand the public's outrage, but they can't, because they continue to support the enabler himself, Joe Paterno. It is a fitting legacy that he will be forever known as the man who knew, but did nothing.     

Joe Paterno says'
"I Wish I Had Done More"
The little kids do too, Joe.
 The little do too!
           The letter states "Joe has taught Penn State faith, fairness, philanthropy, and the importance of academic excellence - all values that make Penn State a great institution today! I guess Joe didn't teach them about doing the right thing. Or if he did, then he didn't practice what he preaches. The right thing would have been to stop his good friend Jerry Sandusky from raping little boys at all costs.
          This case calls for an Al Pacino like performance the way he did in "Scent of a Women"
          The bottom line is Joe knew what was going on and did nothing. This so called man of integrity, did nothing. He passed it up, it was covered up, and he did nothing, and the raping of little boys continued and he knew it continued, because nothing was done about it.
          But hey a lot of football games were played, and a lot of money was made, and that's what it's all about a Penn State. The band plays on and everyone falls in line to support the program and the man. It's Disgusting.   

Friday, December 16, 2011

Another One, Bites the Dust!

Lemme tell ya sumpin!

Sam Hurd, the Drug Dealer!

          I love to see drug dealers go to jail. They always do, because they are stupid. Why are so many Af Ricans predisposed to criminal activity? When you think a person has it all, and then is still involved in this illegal behavior, - well lets keep building more jails. Seems there is an unlimited flow of young black males to fill them. So be it. This provides income and jobs for us good, decent people. 
          He's not a great player by any means, more of whats called the average or slightly above average NFL'er, demonstrated by his ability to hang on a few years. He hung around for 5 seasons with the Cowboys, playing mostly on special teams, and this was his first season with da' Bears. This was probably his last year anyway. Now it is for sure. I guess he was trying to set himself up in business. Ha, Ha. 
          5 to 10 Kilo's of "Blow" as his President calls it, and a thousand pounds of mary jane each week.  Thats what he was trying to buy from a undercover "Homeland Federal" agent. Federal = Big time sentencing. Thats some serious business. Wonder what his degree in college was, Distribution, Ha, Ha. Like Big time Prostitutes, and Mafiosa turn coats, theres a lot more people going to go down on this. According to the Police the have a list in the double digits of fellow NFL'ers he supplied to. I guess that includes coaches too! He'll talk, he has to, to see the light of day before he dies. He's gonna talk, talk, and talk some more. Don't you know there is a lot of players who scared to death. What about the people he buys from and sells to - drugs are a bad thing to be involved with. Is his family in hiding, I hope so.      
          Roy Williams says " It's a situation that you don't,  I don't, want anybody to be in, especially a close friend. Sorry, Roy but if a person is dealing drugs and all that goes along with it, then he isn't my friend. Of course everybody's different, thats why we have jails. Ha, ha, I just love to see drug dealers go to jail. Justice!       

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Little Nicky Saban!

Lemme tell ya sumpin!
          Is this man as uncaring as Satan himself. That's the name many of his detractors call him. A man as successful as Little Nicky is surely gonna have his detractors. He certainly comes off as one dimensional. When listening to him he gives the impression as someone who has no life outside of his job. Then there was that recent interview by former Miami Dolphins player, Heath Evans, about Saban stepping over a convulsing player. That tells me no matter how many games he wins, I do not want my son playing for him. That's not dedication, not professionalism, not being a coach. It's being an uncaring asshole.
          Then theres the recruit over signing thing. When Little Nicky Saban gives you a scholarship, will he take it back. He'll do anything to win. That certainly fits in with the philosophy of the university of Alabama. Their known as the lying est, cheaten est, program in the history of the college football. They step over stuff all the time down there, things like honesty, and integrity. Are they cheating? Are they Alabama. Time will tell. By the way, I got some books I need to sell...
          He's got 2 national Championships and he's playing for the third on Monday January 9 2011, at the Louisiana Super Dome. The opponent will be the school where he won his first National Championship at. The Tigers of LSU. The school that gave him the opportunity of a lifetime, the opportunity to be a head coach in the only conference that really counts in college football. Then he left them for NFL.
         He'll do anything to win. He fits right in at Alabama, the cheatinest program in NCAA football. They'll all step over a convulsing person to win down there.
          In the Championship game he'll match up against LSU's Les Miles, who has never stepped over a convulsing player that I know of. He's going for his second Championship.  Then theres the Chief, LSU's Defensive coordinator who is this years recipient of the Frank Broyles award. Congrats Chief! 
I'm rooting for the good guys, Geaux Tigers!   

Monday, December 12, 2011

The SEC Rules!

Lemme tell ya sumpin!
          The SEC rules. But you didn't need me to tell you that. Just look at who's playing for all the marbles. LSU and The Crimson Tide.
          The states that produce the most recruits are Texas, Florida, and California. It rotates between these three as the most Division 1 Football recruits in a given year. In the running next are Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, then come North and South Carolina. In a good year both of the Carolina's can produce as much talent as the previous three, but not every year. Next come the northern states of Ohio and Pennsylvania. Arizona is the only state in the west other than California to make a push in the type of quality of high school football that produces big time recruits. The recruiting map is a little skewed toward the south, huh. Which brings up the point, will the Number 1 quarterback - Gunner Kiel -  this year go somewhere and win a championship or stay up north and watch it on TV? Florida, Tennessee, LSU, Georgia, South Carolina, Arkansas, they'll build the best passing attack in college around you Gunner. Think of the recievers he will have. Very few Southern recruits leave the South. Why would they. Just the opposite in the North the most talented recruits have a pretty good chance of going South if the SEC wants them. Who can blame them, playing that SEC schedule is a sure preparation for the NFL's millions. The rich just get richer. The high school football talent down here is unreal. Everybody in the SEC has the capacity to get talent rich. 
          That leaves the school itself, Facilities, Tradition, and the big one, the one that weighs more than all others in a recruits decision to attend that school, the Head Coach. There not just figure heads anymore folks. Since the 80's when Miami Coach Jimmy Johnson cussed out his University President Tad Foote. Coaches have had more power than anyone at their respective universities. Then theres the hired guns, The recruiters who moon lite as assistant coaches.  Every program has 2 or 3. There paid huge money to do the dirty business of the white shirts. If you know what I mean.
          These programs are in demand by the fans. They command high prices for all access. The fans can't get enough. The word fan does come from the fanatical, an extreme and uncritical enthusiasm, or zeal. Extremely dedicated to their team. An addiction, yes, an addition. Does poisoning trees come to mind? We have the biggest stadiums, the biggest, fastest athletes, we pay our coaches the biggest salaries and brag about it. This will be the first time that 2 teams from the same conference will play for the big crystal ball. And it's a rematch to boot. I Everybody wants to see it! I can't wait!            

Saturday, December 10, 2011

What a Jerk!

Lemme tell ya sumpin!

 Read this:
                                                               and tell me this guy isn't a jerk.

Yes, you are.
 Wearing a football players jersey is reason to pick on a girl and make her cry. Really? I wonder what your  child hood home was like, to think it is ok to pick on another human being anytime, and make them cry. What your mother treated like? Was she made to cry - or worse.  Is that why you seem to think it's ok to make a girl cry? Just because she was wearing a jersey of a special teams player who couldn't single handedly save a piss poor team? And what lofty expectations, he was a fourth rounder, playing his first year in the league, for Gods sake. People that pick on other people have mental problems and that's a fact.
          Philly fans are known to be violent, obnoxious, drunken, jerks. They are representative of the city of Philadelphia and Pennsylvania as a whole. Their into some pretty wild stuff up there. All of that child molestation at Pedophile State. Heck they have LBGT welcome center at PSU - wow. No wonder. And Philadelphia is one of the worst cities in America. Corrupt, corrupt, and corrupt. Corrupt politicians, unions...
          Right, Chris Chase, - it was the victim's fault. She should not have worn that jersey. This is not America, where you can wear any damn thing you please.  This is whats wrong with football. Philly fans are low class, trash. Just like their city.
              4 and 8 = Losers. The team is just like their Fans = losers.

Army Vs Navy!

Lemme tell ya sumpin!

          I love it! I am retired Navy - 22 years! We've been dominating Army for a long time now! I was a Master Chief Petty Officer! Boatswain's Mate! I would sure love to go to sea again. I really enjoyed that life style. I can highly recommend serving your country. It's the best thing I ever did.
          Service Academy football is about so much more than football. I respect all the military academies. More of the country's future leaders always play in this game than any other. 

                                  Go Navy! Beat Army!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sandusky - Yuck!

Lemme tell ya sumpin!

I am thrilled he is back in jail. Half of Happy Valley should be in there with him. Additional charges have been filed against the leader of the known Penn State pedophile ring. I say the ring to include all his supporters and enablers. After all he isn't the man he is without, oh say, Joe Paterno. 
          The Pedophilic Face of Penn State Football,  is now charged with 40 counts of Gay Child Molestation. I'll bet thats not even a good beginning. We'll never know for sure. It's really twisted to watch. Why hasn't he killed himself yet? He knows what awaits him in prison. Their waiting for him. They'll do what our so called justice system is too Liberal/cowardly to do. 
          His Team and College, where he ruined some of his victims lives, will play in a bowl game to the cheers of his Penn State supporters. I'm rooting for Houston myself.   


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Bowl Results are in!

Lemme tell ya sumpin!
          The SEC will have 2 teams going to the big one. Does anyone play any college football besides Down South. Big Ten, where are youuuuuuuu? I just said that in my best Sgt. Carter from Gomer Pyle voice. Pac 10, where are youuuuuu. Perhaps if USC were'nt such cheaters...   but they are cheaters, and they have to pay for their crimes against humanity. Nike's team couldn't do it, and to tell the truth I don't think they want no part of the SEC. Just like the Buckeyes don't want no more.
          To top it off the championship game will be held in New Orleans. Well, California, at least San Francisco has the Gay bowl and gets Illi-noise and UCLA, snicker, snicker.
          What about Florida and Ohio St. on ESPN 2, ya, you read that right ESPN "2" Ha, ha, ha. It's been a cruel, cruel year Gators. Karma's a bitch ain't it? And please, anyone, tell me, why is a lying, cheating, thieving, school like "The OSU" playing anyone, anywhere. I bet Jacksonville has a lot of tattoo parlors.
          There are some bright spots Arkansas (SEC) had a fine year, and their future is bright. Virginia and Vanderbilt both made the bowl list, although Vanderbilt is kinda embarrassing because of their coach. Did you see what kind of play he coaches there? Cheap shot. Says alot about his person, and how he was raised. Wonder if him and that Aubarn's quarterback from last year, have any family in common. LOL

Sunday, December 4, 2011

LSU dismantles Georgia - Ho Hum

Lemme tell ya sumpin!
          No matter the season the Bull Dogs had after the first 2 losses, they cannot put a championship season that is worthy of their State University , and the people of Georgia together. Theres 120 teams in Division I football, about 100 wishes they could be Georgia. Most teams would be glad to be on TV tonight getting whipped by a team the caliber of LSU. And whipped they got. The bull Dogs played like a champion for exactly 1 quarter of football. Then LSU ran wild for the next 3. Georgia went down like Ali did at the end. That team was like a toothless old dog -no fight.
          Theres 2 great teams in the SEC this year and Georgia fans you ain't one of''em. That lofty territory is reserved for the likes of The real Tigers - LSU, and the Crimson Tide. Of the big schools in the SEC Georgia has waited the longest, to a part of a National Championship. Alabama, Auburn, Florida, LSU, and Tennessee, have made at least one trip to that vaunted game and hoisted high that Championship Trophy. 1980?  Has it really been that long? Georgia high school football is as good as any state in the country. They recruit all the top kids. Top facilities, the eighth largest on campus stadium in the USA. The second most profitable program in the NCAA deserves better.
          Mark Richt saved his butt again. And just in the Richt of time. I thought he was a goner, but it looks as if he bought another year.  10 - 3 They lost to 3 good teams for sure. But Dammit they lost 3 games with all world talent, again this year. No matter if they win or lose their bowl game, most Bull Dogs will have a head ache every time they think about their coach. How much money are you paying him again? More than he's worth, huh. That's what I thought.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Is Dooley gonna make it at Tennessee?

Lemme tell ya sumpin!

          He beat Vanderbilt. Whew! There was some pressure. Oh not the kind of pressure that gets you fired this year, but the kind of pressure that could blow the top off of next year. You don't want the Tennessee fan base to sit around all year and think about a loss to Vanderbilt. Everything else can be blamed on the  inexperience, injuries, and coaching changes. Thank Jesus that Bray returned. It took overtime but they did it. This may have been Vandy's year to do it, as they are playing lights out under the new head coach, James Franklin.
          They've got a real good chance of taking Kentucky out behind the barn to finish the season off with a victory. They'll be no bowl game for a great and distinguished program. Their sitting at 5-6 and looking, maybe even hoping, to finish 6-6.
          Coaching changes are the norm in the college ranks these days. Perhaps moreso than ever in college history. Theres got to be something done at the offensive line. The run blocking stinks to high heaven and may be the worst in the NCAA. It's amazing because they are excellant in pass blocking. One requires more brute strength, and the other one requires good techniqe. To win in the SEC you must have a balanced attack. The offensive line coach is out with the trash. The coordinator may go too. He's proved to me he does'nt have a running game in his repartoire. And I don't think he can recruit one either. He's the one coach on the team that has had the time, and does'nt have the required measurable results to stay in that position. Damn, how can someone have a great passing game and no running game. The defense will recieve a pass for this year. Wilcox will hopefully live up to his billing next year. He sure did'nt show any signs against Arkansas tho. He defense looked uncoached in the scheme and undisciplined in their play.
          On the recruiting front Dooley's going pretty good. The Vols are #15 on the Scout, and #12 on the Rivals recruiting lists. Good rankings despite the poor showing on the field. These recruits know they will play, and they'll play early. Thats big to a high school kid, because the more reps you get, the better chances of being drafted and being able to play in the pros. I expect them to pick up a couple more big time recruits before it's over.
          Next year, will it be good, or will Dooley be over?

Check this out-The Tennessee Locker room after the Vandy win.