Saturday, December 31, 2011

King of The Hill, In Kentucky!

Lemme tell ya sumpin!
12 - 1 that's the record that both The Blue Bloods, and the Red Birds are sporting coming into this epic game. In both polls they are ranked 3 and 4 with the Blue driving the #3 car. It's the good decent people versus the cheatingest program in college basketball history.  People like John Calipari, who never left a program that didn't go on probation. And Rick Pitino, he left Kentucky for greener pastures and came back to stick a knife in their side. On paper it looks almost even. It's not just the biggest match up of the state it's the biggest match up of the year so far. I always root for the good guys. Easy to figure out who that is. Now if they can just beat Kentucky.

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