Tuesday, January 17, 2012

National Signing Day!

Lemme tell ya sumpin!
       The hobby of following college Football recruiting has worn off. Now it's a well known gig. Most fans know their recruiting numbers and how it correlates or doesn't correlate to their teams
He was BFF with his recruits right up until he left them.
future.That's the funny thing, some teams, most teams, can point to their success or lack of it due directly to recruiting. A few teams rise above it, and rise above it consistently.
Now whats going on at Washington? First the Defensive coordinator Justin Wilcox left Tennessee to go there and stand in the rain, and now one of the top recruiters in the nation for this year assistant Tosh Lupoi left Cal also to go stand in the rain. I can understand Wilcox getting out of town, the SEC is tough. You do know they had 2 teams in the National Championship don't you? Not everybody is cut out for the nonstop fanaticism of the big leagues. Wilcox wasn't.
He'll be a big fish in a little pond up there in Washington but he was just a perch in the real big leagues. Now Tosh is a different model, he had it made, great location, easy conference... cushy job, wasn't really expected to compete for championships or anything so why leave... he took a step down, and he took 5 star Ellis McCarthy with him. Poor Ellis being drug around by the hand, LOL, what a chump. Tosh gets a lot of Money and Ellis well, Ellis gets to stand around in the rain, the chicks aren't nearly as good either Ellis. Tosh - he also gets the title of Defensive running game coordinator, a made up title of course, his job is recruiting. He sure hung his Cal recruits out to dry. Bet he was BFF- Best Friends Forever with all those guys during recruiting. Kinda tells everyone not to trust Tosh now doesn't it? That's how I read it.
          Gunner Kiel I've been told is all set at Notre Dame. Say what I thought he told his parents that the Bayou was home. I guess his word as a man is no good. I guess he wants to stay home and play for the loser. Say Whhhhat!         
Did Gunner just lie to LSU?

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