Monday, January 20, 2014

OSU has earned the moniker "Overated State University".

Lemme tell ya sumpin!

Meyer refuses to play a competitive schedule.
        When in the hell are they ever gonna play somebody? Huh, Huh? You heard me OSU fans. How do you ever expect to get any respect when you don't play the competitive schedule that the top teams of the top conference (SEC) in America plays. Lets see who your pathetic schedule says you play this year:

       08/30/14    Navy           
     09/06/14    Virginia Tech         
     09/13  14    Kent State
     09/27/14     Cincinnati
     10/04/14     Maryland
     10/18/14     Rutgers
     10/25/14     Penn State
     10/01/14     Illinois 
     11/08/14     Michigan State
     11/15/14     Minnesota
     11/22 14     Indiana
     11/29/14     Missagin

        I had to put it in pink because that's just how pussy this schedule really is. Again this year OSU refuses to play a real schedule. All the little Bucknuts will chant we're number 1, we're number 1, and then they will play somebody, and get their ass handed to them....  and the whole world will laugh.
        Of course the positive side is you will be well rested having nothing much but scrimmages with high school teams for most of the season. You'll have to take the jeers from the fans of real football teams though. They will be loud and long and you will suffer miserably as you justly will deserve to. 


                                                             and the loser gets pizza!

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