Monday, December 12, 2011

The SEC Rules!

Lemme tell ya sumpin!
          The SEC rules. But you didn't need me to tell you that. Just look at who's playing for all the marbles. LSU and The Crimson Tide.
          The states that produce the most recruits are Texas, Florida, and California. It rotates between these three as the most Division 1 Football recruits in a given year. In the running next are Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, then come North and South Carolina. In a good year both of the Carolina's can produce as much talent as the previous three, but not every year. Next come the northern states of Ohio and Pennsylvania. Arizona is the only state in the west other than California to make a push in the type of quality of high school football that produces big time recruits. The recruiting map is a little skewed toward the south, huh. Which brings up the point, will the Number 1 quarterback - Gunner Kiel -  this year go somewhere and win a championship or stay up north and watch it on TV? Florida, Tennessee, LSU, Georgia, South Carolina, Arkansas, they'll build the best passing attack in college around you Gunner. Think of the recievers he will have. Very few Southern recruits leave the South. Why would they. Just the opposite in the North the most talented recruits have a pretty good chance of going South if the SEC wants them. Who can blame them, playing that SEC schedule is a sure preparation for the NFL's millions. The rich just get richer. The high school football talent down here is unreal. Everybody in the SEC has the capacity to get talent rich. 
          That leaves the school itself, Facilities, Tradition, and the big one, the one that weighs more than all others in a recruits decision to attend that school, the Head Coach. There not just figure heads anymore folks. Since the 80's when Miami Coach Jimmy Johnson cussed out his University President Tad Foote. Coaches have had more power than anyone at their respective universities. Then theres the hired guns, The recruiters who moon lite as assistant coaches.  Every program has 2 or 3. There paid huge money to do the dirty business of the white shirts. If you know what I mean.
          These programs are in demand by the fans. They command high prices for all access. The fans can't get enough. The word fan does come from the fanatical, an extreme and uncritical enthusiasm, or zeal. Extremely dedicated to their team. An addiction, yes, an addition. Does poisoning trees come to mind? We have the biggest stadiums, the biggest, fastest athletes, we pay our coaches the biggest salaries and brag about it. This will be the first time that 2 teams from the same conference will play for the big crystal ball. And it's a rematch to boot. I Everybody wants to see it! I can't wait!            


  1. The SEC rules, Bama is the winner 31 - 21. You hear it here first! Go Bama - Roll Tide!

  2. The SEC rules, Bama is the winner 31 - 21. You hear it here first! Go Bama - Roll Tide!

  3. They are all alone at the top. No one is close to the SEC. The Soputh is the greatest place on earth. Best looking women and the best football.Go Vols!


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