Saturday, December 10, 2011

What a Jerk!

Lemme tell ya sumpin!

 Read this:
                                                               and tell me this guy isn't a jerk.

Yes, you are.
 Wearing a football players jersey is reason to pick on a girl and make her cry. Really? I wonder what your  child hood home was like, to think it is ok to pick on another human being anytime, and make them cry. What your mother treated like? Was she made to cry - or worse.  Is that why you seem to think it's ok to make a girl cry? Just because she was wearing a jersey of a special teams player who couldn't single handedly save a piss poor team? And what lofty expectations, he was a fourth rounder, playing his first year in the league, for Gods sake. People that pick on other people have mental problems and that's a fact.
          Philly fans are known to be violent, obnoxious, drunken, jerks. They are representative of the city of Philadelphia and Pennsylvania as a whole. Their into some pretty wild stuff up there. All of that child molestation at Pedophile State. Heck they have LBGT welcome center at PSU - wow. No wonder. And Philadelphia is one of the worst cities in America. Corrupt, corrupt, and corrupt. Corrupt politicians, unions...
          Right, Chris Chase, - it was the victim's fault. She should not have worn that jersey. This is not America, where you can wear any damn thing you please.  This is whats wrong with football. Philly fans are low class, trash. Just like their city.
              4 and 8 = Losers. The team is just like their Fans = losers.


  1. So True! Philly Sucks the big One!

  2. This is so sad. No reaso for that. Just jerks.


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